An easy to use and robust solution for shooting target detection.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting lanes.

Visual Target Detection is the safe solution for shooting ranges.

Safe to use

Stay clear of the shooting areas and get a detailed close-up look on the screen.

Visual Target Detection is cloud enabled and enables you to access scores and statistics from home.

Cloud enabled

Keep your score in the cloud – access your previous scores leisurely from home.

Visual Target Detection is easy and intuitive to use.

Easy and intuitive

We have made an effort into designing an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Visual Target Detection lets you easily calibrate you setup and correct camera perspective.

Correct Camera Perspective

Use the simple calibration tool to zoom in on your target and correct the perspective.

“Shooters prefer lanes with the Visual Target Detection system installed.”

Visual Target Detection allows shooters to keep their focus on the target shooting. They are able to see even long-rage targets close up for visual inspection of shots, and without lowering weapon or changing stance.

With the cloud option your shooting target images are stored online for you to review later from home. This is a great way to keep track of your shooting practice and for keeping score.

Upgrade your shooting experience!

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